Pastoral Support

Support for All

At Surrey Maths School we believe that students learn best when they feel supported, working in an environment which enables them to thrive. All of our staff will be carefully recruited, to ensure that as well as bringing the highest level of pedagogical skills they also embody our ethos of caring for every student, by getting to know their individual needs and building strong teacher-student working relationships. This will create a learning culture which values individual differences, celebrates each student's successes and puts appropriate, timely support in place whenever it may be needed. 

Tutors will be the first port of call for each student and they will have regular 1-1 meetings with students to support their academic and personal progression.

PSHEE (Personal Social Health Economic Education) will be a key part of our curriculum offers. As well as helping our students to learn how to navigate the real word, PSHEE gives them a key opportunity to develop their soft skills through exploring areas such as diversity and racism, mental health and wellbeing, being a global citizen, finances and the future. PSHEE will provide a time for debate, independent research and reflection, and a space in which our students will be encouraged to listen with care, respond thoughtfully and learn from each other.

Special Educational Needs & Disabilities

Surrey Maths School will be equipped to support students with a variety of Special Education Needs and Disabilities. We are open, inclusive and accessible to all. Our only requirement is an aptitude for and a love of maths. Beyond that, we will work with parents, carers and students to ensure that we support each and every young person to settle into life here at SuMS. 

Student doing science