Extended Curriculum

At SuMS, our students study more than just A Levels. We are keen to extend and challenge all of our students so that they build the right skills for future study, develop their abilities and reach their potential.

We also want them to engage with experts from both the academic and working worlds, giving them the opportunity to expand their horizons, meet people of all different backgrounds and to see where mathematical sciences can take them.

3 students by blackboard websiteProblem Solving

Intended to expose students to non-curriculum content in the context of developing problem solving skills. A low stakes environment in which students develop skills ready for the move into preparation for competitions, challenges and university entrance examinations.  



Whiteboard group working maths schoolThe SuMS Project Qualification

Intended to teach students the practical skills to succeed in academia such as academic literacy and project management as well as softer skills of teamwork, time management and how to manage conflict and disagreements when working with peers. Students will work in small groups on project briefs set by mentors from academia or industry.

Pshee websitePSHEE

An integral part of the curriculum that provides students with the opportunities to develop key skills in listening, speaking mindfully, debating, and empathy through the medium of topics which are essential in supporting students understand the world around them. 



Three students laptop maths schoolCompetitions

Students will be encouraged to participate in a variety of competitions in mathematical sciences such as the UKMT Maths Challenges and Olympiads, Physics and Astrophysics Olympiads, The Bebras Computing Challenge, The UK Chemistry Challenge and C3L6 and Economics Monetary Policy Essay Prize.


Students lecture websiteExternal experts and speakers

We will work with the University of Surrey and local, industry-leading businesses to give our students the opportunity to hear from experts in their fields throughout the school year.